Deposits from the Capitalist and Bitpapa services will be blocked by us for an indefinite period.

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Since you have already reached this page, let me tell you about a way to make money with us. We understand that you are in a hurry, so we will try to summarize the essence of the proposal as briefly as possible.

And so, if you are an active Internet user, often communicate with people on earning forums – probably among your friends there is a constant need to withdraw earned cryptocurrency to a card, or vice versa in its acquisition. Since our service always provides some of the best rates on the Internet for exchanging USDT, BTC, LTC, etc. – Your friends will be very grateful if you give them a link to our resource.

How does it work?
After registration you receive a unique affiliate link. Thanks to this link, we will know which users came to our site based on your recommendation. You can place it on your website or blog, social network profile or in a signature on a forum. You also need to inform us by any convenient means of communication indicated on the site about your intention to enter into partnership, in order to set the partnership percentage.

Some details or how the service’s affiliate program works:

1. Accruals and payments of money for participants on partnership terms are made in dollars.

2. For affiliate account users, the minimum amount to withdraw earned money istotal 1 USD.

3. For each successful registered user and his exchange using your affiliate link, you will receive a bonus in the amount of 10% to 30% of the profit from the exchange (Individual partnership terms are possible). The percentage of accruals depends on the number of users referred through your referral link.

4. The values ​​of affiliate bonuses described above are set at 10% and increase by 10% with every 20 exchange using your referral link. The increase occurs after you contact support and verify your account. Despite this, all earned funds are stored in the account, taking into account the previously valid tariffs.

5. The page where you describe information about our site should clearly indicate the services provided by our site.Any mention of the presence of “free bonuses” on our website is prohibited in advertising texts.

6. It is prohibited to place an affiliate link:
– in mass mailings (SPAM);
-on sites that force browser windows to open or open sites in hidden frames;
-on sites that distribute any materials that directly or indirectly violate the law;
-on pages publishing lists of sites with “free bonuses”;
-on web pages that are closed from public viewing without registration (social networks, closed sections of forums, etc.).

Participants who violate the above rules will soon be blacklisted in our affiliate program. Bonuses earned in violation of the rules will not be awarded.

7 . After violating these rules, the participant’s profile will be closed without payments or explanation.

8. The partner participant is fully responsible for saving his registration data (password and login) to access your account.

9. These conditions may be changed unilaterally without notifying program participants, but with publication on this page.