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For a successful exchange, remember: 1. To complete an application, you need to fill out the form below;
2. You can send cryptocurrency remotely (this saves you time) or when you visit our office;
3. In the office, we calculate the amount, check the bills, and then give them to you;
4. If you are not answered in the chat, please contact Telegram

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Exchange rate: 1 BNB = 311.542 USD

min.: 20 BNB max.: 6000.4957 BNB

min.: 20 BNB

min.: 6230.84 USD max.: 1869406.440597 USD

min.: 6230.84 USD
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Exchange Binance Coin BNB to cash USD

The rate is fixed after the actual receipt of funds to the wallet of the exchange office. The rate on the site is made up of the Binance exchange rate (bib / Binance usd rate) and includes the commission of the exchange office.
You can get funds at the office or order free courier delivery around the city as an additional service. Also, by prior arrangement, we can deliver funds to any city. Check the conditions with the operator!